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Why Us
  Who are we?  
  Nelson & Bernstein is a leading risk management and insurance consulting firm in the West, providing on-going and project consulting services to a wide range of industries including:  
  • Real Estate -Commercial and residential
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Retail
  The Company consists of risk management professionals each with over 30 years of insurance and risk management experience.  
  What does that mean for my company?  
  Risk management is crucial to all firms, because a catastrophic loss can shut down the company. After large scale losses, many firms never reopen because they did not adequately understand their exposure nor did they take advantage of the solutions that are available. Understanding the exposures, quantifying them, and making informed decisions about insurance can make the difference between surviving and closing down.  
  But I expect my insurance broker to do that.  
  A good broker will understand the detail behind your business, and will bring you good solutions. However, a broker is balancing his/her attention to your business with attention to the markets. After all, you expect her to present you with thorough, aggressively marketed options at renewal. A risk manager can help identify new exposures, work through the internal communications and detail that will help the broker do an excellent job, and translate insurance issues from the broker to your company and vice versa.  
  Why should I outsource risk management?  

There could be several reasons. Most of our clients are large enough to have insurance budgets of over $1,000,000, but they only need part time resources. They may want a significant commitment at the time of the renewal, and then much less other times of the year. This makes it difficult to hire a full time risk manager. We can provide the resources “as needed”.

Our consulting approach also has the benefit of providing a “back-up” person, if the primary contact is ill or on vacation. We also have situations where we supplement the skills of a full time risk manager, and can be flexible in how we provide services.

Finally, as an outside resource, it is sometimes easier for our clients to include our costs in their allocation to their tenants, rather than corporate overhead which may have limitations.

  How are you paid?  
  Most of our clients prefer a negotiated fee, based on the estimated workload throughout the year. It can range from a half a day a week to three days a week. Some clients prefer time and expense, and that can be accommodated.