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Our Services
Analyze your business
Analyze your business operations to identify the kinds of exposures that could create losses, and determine whether they are anticipated by your insurance program. Identify risk management solutions, whether insurance or other alternatives, to eliminate or minimize those exposures.
Manage the broker
Manage the marketing of your insurance program, to provide relevant, complete data to the broker to maximize the effectiveness of the program. Establish performance targets and objectives. Manage the compensation process, including fee negotiations and service agreements. Manage a broker selection process if needed.
Streamline decision - making
Analyze and present renewal options for management, to simplify the decision-making process. Serve as an insurance resource for internal staff.
Provide on-going risk management services
Provide professional insurance and risk management knowledge for firms that do not have that knowledge in-house. Routine services include contract review (leases, vendor agreements, construction contracts) for insurance requirements, general insurance questions, due diligence for acquisitions, policy review and negotiation, establishing insurance standards for contracts.
Manage your losses
Review claim reports. Monitor claims for prompt handling. Analyze losses to identify trends. Assist with litigation documentation including discovery requests. Push to resolve claims as quickly as possible, working with you, the insurance broker, the insurance company and contractors.
Monitor outside providers

There are several service providers starting with your insurance broker, the insurer, loss control, claims administration etc. involved in your insurance and risk management program. We would establish service standards, monitor their performance and provide regular feedback.